A family adventure since 1945.

After twenty years in the mansions of the region - including the Villa Prangins where he met Miss Lina Gerhard (cooker), his future wife - the young William Guichard, gardener by profession, acquired in 1945 some 5,000 m2 of agricultural land, including a house dating from the early 20th century as well as rural outbuildings, which enable him to become independent.


Enthusiast floriculturist, he developed a small horticultural production, consisting mainly of flowering plants and seedlings of vegetables (cabbage), with which he supplies the local trade. The cultures are then field or layers and the sale is made on site at the place of cultures.


For purposes of production, will William build the first two small greenhouses.


Michel, the 21 years old younger son at the benefit of a learning floriculturist, took over the family farm in 1960, following the death of his father.


After his marriage in 1964, he spends his mastery in order to acquire the necessary foundation for the management of a company and the training of apprentice. At the same time - thanks in particular to the construction of the motorway Lausanne-Geneva - the development of the region takes off. The Nyon district rises from 24,000 inhabitants in 1965 to 48,000 in 1990 - its population doubles in 25 years !

To meet the ever increasing demand, we must expand the business and build new greenhouses.

The first large greenhouse was built in 1966 and then will it be about 500 m2 glass surface which are built every four years - about 3,500 m2 actually.

In 1975, Michel acquires additional 10,000 m2 of land in order to ensure the development of the booming business !


Farmer passionate and sharp, he manages the production while his wife, Danièle (Bezinge), traders daughter and herself used to trade, provides retail.


The excellent quality of the plants they produce, an attractive pricing policy and warm and cared customer service allow Danièle & Michel to a solid reputation from Geneva to Lausanne, and until into neighboring France !


The first store opened in 1975. He will be replaced, fifteen years later, by a sales area of 360 m2 with an aerier, functionaler and moderner  space for the presentation and the valuation of the production.


Alexandre, the eldest son, joined his parents in the family business in 1984, after three years of study at the School of Horticulture Lullier (GE) and one year of internship in Germany. It takes little by little store management, pass exams florist and develops the "Floral Art" business, then in its infancy...


The torch (like the rake, the hoe & the watering can ... ) are formally submitted in 2002 !


Alexander shows to his name the family business, adapts his vision of the profession to the challenges posed by the realities of his time and instills a new mindset and dynamism firmly between tradition & expertise, creation contemporary trends & news !


House "Guichard Flowers" is a wonderful family adventure started in 1945, a passion for the land and the plant world, and, all above, a beautiful story of sharing and friendship with our suppliers, employees and customers !


A story over time, and through it, the fate of a craftspeople family.


To all of you who allow us to write this story, a huge THANK YOU !